M&S Steering Control Unit (Orbital Valve), Open Center, Non-Load Reaction Type

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  • Series: M&S Hydraulic HKU.../4
  • Displacement: 50cc (3.0 cu.in), 80cc (4.8 cu. in.), 125cc (7.6 cu.in.), 160cc (9.7 cu.in.), 200cc (12.1 cu. in.), 250cc (15.1 cu.in.), 320cc (19.5 cu.in.), and 400cc (24.4 cu.in.) available (see drop down list)
  • Neutral Circuit: Open Center Oil Flow
  • Load Circuit: Non-Load Reaction
  • Port Size: -8 ORB*
  • Rated Pressure: 2465 PSI
  • Max Rated Backpressure at Port T: 360 PSI
  • Input Shaft: Standard 12 tooth involute splined (same as Eaton Char Lynn and Danfoss)

    *Includes JIC (AN) adapter fittings for each port, please specify required size in order notes (-6, -8, and -10 sizes available)

NOTE: This orbital valve is a non-load reaction type which means that physical axle forces will not be transmitted back through the steering wheel. With this type of orbital valve, there is no driver feedback and steering does not "self center" when the operator releases the wheel after completing a turn.

The displacement of the orbital valve divided into the steering cylinder volume will determine the required turns of the steering wheel lock-to-lock (single ended cylinders will have different number of turns in one direction versus the other).