About Us

It all began on a chilly November weekend in 2017 during an impromptu steering diagnostics session with the Big B Motorsports Ultra4 Racing team. Despite using the best of the best available steering components, the two-car off-road racing team had been going through steering pumps at a rate of one per race during the 2017 season. Now, armed with temperature sensors and pressure gauges installed throughout their hydraulic steering system, they were headed to Rausch Creek Off-road Park in Pine Grove, PA to try and figure out why.

Although I had only been tagging along on a social visit, I was also a racer with a strong industrial fluid mechanics background. I soon found myself asking fundamental questions about their steering system; the pump flow rate, the operating pressure, the system capacity, and so on. It took only a matter of minutes and a few quick calculations to understand the root cause behind their troubles. That was the light bulb moment. Two months later on January 18th, 2018, Radial Dynamics LLC was born.  

Throughout the following year, we continued to work with Big B Motorsports and select other competitive off-road drivers to diagnose and improve steering systems with great success. Several improved steering products came as a result of those sessions including our patent-pending Vortex Reservoir design which helped both Josh and Rusty Blyler of Big B Motorsports land 2nd and 7th place overall positions, respectively, in the 2018 Ultra4 Racing National Points Championship. 

Today, we are excited to continue expanding upon the steering technologies that we have developed in collaboration with these top tier drivers. We bring along this experience and expertise to serve you, our customers, and look forward to helping you take your vehicle to the next level.

Thank you for your interest in Radial Dynamics. We hope to see you on the trails!

Eric Amato
Owner, Radial Dynamics LLC