Engineering Consultations

Radial Dynamics was founded on more than a decade of experience in industrial fluid systems engineering. Learning from both our successes and failures in the automotive and industrial worlds, we have the knowledge not just to recommend which products to use, but to understand the fluid mechanics occurring in your steering system. Whether you are a top tier racer or a recreational wheeler wanting the best for your ride, we can apply our expertise to help you get the most out of your steering system. For more information on any of our contract consulting services below, please email us at

Hydraulic Steering System Engineering Analysis
Working with some of the best drivers in the off-road racing community, we have built a proprietary software program to calculate all of the vital parameters regarding hydraulic steering system performance. Using details about your existing components and operating conditions, we calculate parameters such as flow velocities, re-circulation times, and steering quickness that we then use to evaluate your overall steering system design. We can oftentimes spot trouble areas that explain common performance issues. The results are prepared in a formal report with an expert breakdown of the analysis and recommendations for changes, if any.


Steering Pump Failure Analysis 
An isolated steering pump failure incident could be a fluke. It could be caused by a manufacturer defect, normal wear, or an unexpected shock from an abnormally hard hit into an off-road obstacle. However, if your steering pump is failing on a regular basis, this indicates that there is something fundamentally flawed about the steering system installation or arrangement. Poor system design or installation can result in damaging pump wear, fluid cavitation and aeration, heat buildup, or any number of other hydraulic system challenges. Before you start spending thousands of dollars replacing pump after pump, contact Radial Dynamics. We can inspect your failed pump and work with you to determine the root cause of the failure, taking the guess work out of making the most appropriate system corrections.