Hand Held Fire Extinguisher - AFFF

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AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is a low expansion foam fire fighting agent which produces a stable, heat-resistant, and self-sealing blanket to smother fire and prevent re-ignition. These FireSense AFFF hand held extinguishers from SPA Technique are available in multiple capacities from 0.9 Liters (0.95 Qt.) up to 6 Liters (6.4 Qt.) and multiple AFFF agent options.

AFFF Types (refer to designation at end of each part number):

  • FireAde AFFF-AR (no designation) - Alcohol resistant foam ideal for use on alcohol fueled fires, not recommended for storage or use in climates below 32F (0C).
  • FireAde Climate Control (FA) - Foam solution that features proprietary additives (not antifreeze) which lowers freeze point to -40F (-40C).
  • 4Fire (4Fire/4f) - High performance foam solution with the quickest fire out performance, features a freeze point of -22F (-30C).

Hand held extinguishers are filled to order and drop shipped direct from SPA Technique to maximize product life in applications where certification dates are required.