CB-X High Performance Steering Pump

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For those that demand better steering performance and reliability, the Radial Dynamics CB-X model steering pump bolts in place of the popular TC/GM Type II steering pump but with 25% larger displacement meaning 25% more flow at low RPM. 

Pump Features:

  • Cast iron body reduces wear in flow control valve bore
  • Pump body bored to support pump shaft with full roller bearing compared to OEM bushing
  • Chromoly pump shaft with optional key way to eliminate pulley slippage on pump shaft at high pressure (use of keyed shaft requires matching keyed pulley)
  • Regulated flow rate can be customized between 4 to 6 GPM
  • Pressure relief setting can be customized between 1200 to 1800 PSI or unregulated (unregulated requires external pressure relief valve)
  • Port sizes: -12AN inlet, -8AN outlet
  • Uses standard mounting brackets for any TC/Chevy Type II/CB/CBR steering pump
  • For keyed shafts only, pulley bolt and pulleys are drilled for safety wire

Specify desired flow, pressure, and keyed or press-on shaft in notes at time of order. Pumps are built and tuned to order so please allow 2 weeks lead time for shipment. For assistance selecting the proper configuration for your steering system, contact us and we will be happy to offer our expertise.