Eaton Char-Lynn Steering Control (Orbital) Valve 160CC/9.7CI

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  • Displacement: 160cc/9.7 Cubic Inch
  • Flow Rate: 4.00-8.00 GPM
  • Load Circuit: Load Reaction
  • Mechanical Interface: Internal Involute Spline, 12 TOOTH 16/32 DP 30°
  • Port Size: 4X -8 ORB ports

All of the steering control valves offered by Radial Dynamics are load reaction type. A load reaction valve allows physical axle forces to return the steering wheel to its original position when the operator releases the wheel after completing a turn. This return to center function is engineered to work in cross connected and balanced systems. It will work in a differential system, but not as well.

The displacement of the valve divided into the steering cylinder volume will determine the required turns of the steering wheel lock-to-lock.