High Flow Remote Oil Filter

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No question about it, high performance steering systems demand high performance filtration.

It is important when selecting a filter that the rated flow rate is sufficiently higher than the system flow rate in order to avoid excessive pressure drop. Our high flow remote filter assembly is rated to handle up to 25 GPM (gallons per minute), more than enough to handle even the highest flowing steering pumps.

The finned body helps provide additional cooling. We also designed the filter housing with two inlets, one for return flow from the main hydraulic system and one for return flow from an external pressure relief valve.

Filter assembly features:

  • Grade 6061 aluminum construction
  • Rated flow: 25 GPM
  • 50% filtration efficiency (Beta2): 7 microns
  • 99.9% filtration efficiency (Beta1000): 23 microns*
  • Inlet ports: one -10 ORB (o-ring boss), one -12 ORB
  • Outlet port: -12 ORB
  • Four 3/8-16 tapped mounting holes
  • Replaceable spin-on filter

 *Beware of manufacturers claiming a "nominal micron rating" when in fact, there is no industry accepted definition for "nominal". Filter effectiveness can be described by efficiency at capturing particles of a certain size, or Beta Ratio, which is determined in accordance with ISO 16889 international standard.