SPA Extreme Novec 1230 Onboard System, SFI 17.1, 10 lb

SPAex SFI10-LV-C-1-1
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SPA Extreme powered by 3MTM NovecTM 1230 fire protection fluid, 10 lb. Mechanical System SFI 17.1 CERTIFIED.

This Halon-replacement is a high performance fire suppression agent that offers the following advantages:

  • Great fire-out properties
  • Non-toxic - safe for drivers
  • Non-conductive - safe for all electronics
  • No residue left behind means no clean up or corrosion
  • Zero Ozone depletion - safe for the environment 
  • Won't freeze even in severe cold climates

Note that fire suppression systems are filled to order and drop shipped directly from SPA Technique to maximize effective service life (2 years).

This 10 lb. SFI 17.1 system includes:

  • 1x Bottle - filled and pressurized with activation type of your choice*
  • 4x Nozzle
  • 3x Tee fitting
  • 1x Bulkhead fitting
  • 10ft Aluminum tubing
  • 2x Standard Bottle Mounts**

>> NOTE - ALL Kits include proper components for your selected activation type (pull cable for mechanical or wiring for electrical)

* For choice of activation type, please see image to the left, and make your selection from the drop box.

** Billet, roll bar style mounts available as an upgrade. Make your selection from the drop box.