Eaton Char-Lynn Steering Control Unit (Orbital Valve), Open Center, Load Reaction Type

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  • Displacement: 120cc (7.3, 160cc (9.7, 185cc (11.3 cu. in.), and 230cc (14.0 available (see drop down list)
  • Neutral Circuit: Open Center Oil Flow
  • Load Circuit: Load Reaction
  • Port Size: -8 ORB*
  • Rated Pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Max Rated Backpressure at Port T: 305 PSI
  • Input Shaft: Standard 12 tooth involute splined

    *Includes JIC (AN) adapter fittings for each port, please specify required size in order notes (-6, -8, and -10 sizes available)

NOTE: This orbital valve is a load reaction type which allows physical axle forces (caster) to return the steering angle to its original center position when the driver releases the wheel after completing a turn. This return to center function is engineered to work with balanced (double-ended or cross connected single-ended) steering cylinders. It will work with a single-ended cylinder, but not as well.

The displacement of the orbital valve divided into the steering cylinder volume will determine the required turns of the steering wheel lock-to-lock (single ended cylinders will have different number of turns in one direction versus the other).