Hydraulic Fluid Power Consultation:

Whether for work, competition, or play, hydraulic issues with steering and other fluid power systems can be frustrating and costly. Most root causes can be easily diagnosed by following a methodical process of isolating and testing various parts of the system. However, having the tools to monitor and test is one thing, having the know-how to interpret and act on the results is another. 

Before spending your valuable hours and hard earned dollars throwing parts at a problem and hoping for the best, let Radial Dynamics help you get straight to the heart of the issue. 

Radial Dynamics owner Eric Amato holds a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Umass Amherst and is a Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist (CFPHS) through the International Fluid Power Society (IFPS).  Based in western Massachusetts, he is available for in-person hydraulic consultations on your critical projects regardless of if you are local to the New England area or located across the country. 

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Custom System Engineering:

From light weight rock crawlers to massive monster trucks, Radial Dynamics can engineer effective hydraulic steering systems from the ground up including the specification and procurement of components that are sized to work together as a properly balanced system. 

We love to think outside the box and love it when our customers do too.  Creative vehicles require creative steering solutions and it's not in our DNA to simply settle for what's convenient. Our product catalog extends far beyond the items listed in our online store so if you don't see what you are looking for, just ask. 

Product Development and Design:

If you have a production chassis or even just a unique one-off vehicle with limited space constraints, Radial Dynamics can work with you to adapt standard products into custom designs that fit your needs using Autodesk Inventor Professional 2022.

Reservoirs, filters, coolers, even combination products such as our integrated spin-on filters with external pressure relief valves have been designed and built to satisfy challenges where no off-the-shelf product would work. 

If you are ready to tackle your next hydraulic challenge, contact Radial Dynamics to tell us about your project and how we can help.