Pro Series Vortex Steering Reservoir


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Based on our own patent-pending flow technology, the Radial Dynamics Pro Series Vortex Reservoir is the mother of all steering reservoirs. For the most demanding of racers, our Pro Series reservoir uses the same de-aerating flow path technology as our standard Vortex Reservoir but boasts a monstrous 4 quart storage capacity and a finned design machined entirely from billet aluminum. This keeps your steering system cool and happy while you run full throttle through the woods or desert for hundreds of miles at a time.

Often one of the most overlooked steering system components, a good reservoir does so much more than simply hold fluid. It provides room for thermal expansion, it de-aerates (removes air/gas bubbles from) the steering fluid, it circulates all of the available fluid, and it provides the pump with an optimal feed condition, even at extreme angles.

We spent over a year of development and testing on our Vortex Reservoir technology which has been used on the way to multiple Ultra4 Racing wins. When the race is on, trust Radial Dynamics to keep you pointed in the right direction.

Reservoir features:
- Machined from grade 6061 billet aluminum
- 6" diameter x 14" overall height
- 4 quart fluid capacity
- Patent-pending flow path design
- Effective removal of damaging gas bubbles from steering fluid
- 100% volume circulation for maximum effective fluid capacity
- Finned outer shell for cooling
- 16 PSI radiator style pressure cap
- Inlet port: -12 ORB (o-ring boss)
- Outlet port: -16 ORB
- Overflow: 5/16" hose barb
- Magnetic drain plug