Vortex Steering Reservoir, 3.5", Gen II

10479 - 6-P-10
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The best steering reservoir on the market just got even better! In addition to a fully machined billet aluminum assembly, the Gen II Vortex Reservoir features an all new cap designed to offer superior fluid containment. The reservoir body also now features a second auxiliary return port for separate return of hydroboost brakes or other auxiliary hydraulic accessories. 

If you have ever heard your steering pump start whining only to find a reservoir full of foamy steering fluid, then the Vortex Reservoir is the solution for you. Based on our own patented flow technology, the Radial Dynamics Vortex Reservoir is the most advanced steering reservoir to hit the market.

Often one of the most overlooked steering system components, a good reservoir does so much more than simply hold fluid. A proper reservoir:

  • Provides room for thermal expansion
  • De-aerates (removes air/gas bubbles from) the steering fluid
  • Circulates all of the available fluid
  • Provides the pump with an optimal feed condition, even at extreme angles

The Vortex Reservoir is the only product on the market designed to perform all of these functions effectively to keep your steering pump working its best.

From King of the Hammers to the biggest monster truck arenas, the Vortex Reservoir from Radial Dynamics has been trusted by the best drivers in the industry to reach the top of the podium. 

Reservoir features:

  • Ideal size for steering systems up to 6 GPM flow rate
  • Grade 6061 aluminum construction
  • 3.6" outside diameter x 7.25" height
  • 3.5" OD mounting clamp groove
  • Patented flow path design effectively removes damaging gas bubbles from steering fluid
  • 100% volume circulation for maximum effective fluid capacity
  • Specially designed oil-trapping cap allows air to vent freely while preventing oil from accessing vent port at extreme angles
  • Integrated rollover check valve blocks vent port if reservoir tips past 90-degrees off-camber
  • Main Return Port: -10 ORB female
  • Auxiliary Return Port: -6 ORB female
  • Outlet Port: -12 ORB female
  • Vent Port: 1/8 NPT
  • Large magnet included in bottom cover
  • Includes swivel elbow and 1/4" push lock vent tubing
  • Reservoir is vented to atmosphere, can be pressurized to 10 PSI positive pressure using Remote Reservoir Breather Valve - 10 PSI