Inline Finned Tube Cooler, 3"

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While there might be several other inline steering coolers that appear similar, we have pulled out a bag of tricks to make the Radial Dynamics inline steering cooler the most efficient on the market.

Starting with fin design, we chose a circular fin shape which allows for better airflow between the fins down to the tube core as shown by our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study. Lengthwise fins produce pockets of stagnant air, forcing airflow around the cooler entirely. 

We also increased the inside diameter of the tube to hold more fluid than competitive designs, resulting in increased residence time of steering fluid inside of the cooler. 

Finally, we incorporated a special flow diffuser on our cooler inlets and outlets to promote better fluid contact with the finned tube walls for the most efficient heat transfer process. 

Cooler features:
- 6061 aluminum construction
- 3" OD x 11.5" overall length
- Inlet/outlet port size: -12 ORB (o-ring boss)
- Double FKM o-ring seals
- Zinc-aluminum coated alloy steel hardware