Gen II Vortex Reservoir Fluid Containment Cap (Also Fits PSC)

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The latest generation Radial Dynamics Vortex Steering Reservoirs feature a specially designed fluid containment cap that allows air to vent but prevents oil from reaching the vent port at extreme angles. This cap is available as a replacement for your Vortex Reservoir (Gen II only) or as a retrofit upgrade to your PSC Motorsports steering reservoir. 

The oil-trapping feature of the cap acts like a P-trap. A special flow channel around the perimeter of the cap means that at any angle from vertically upright to horizontal (90-degrees off-camber), any fluid must pass over the highest elevation within the reservoir before reaching the vent port. In doing so, air can freely travel from the reservoir cavity to the vent port while liquid oil remains trapped inside.

Beyond 90 degrees off-camber, a rollover check valve blocks the vent port, preventing spillage of steering fluid when upside down.

Containment Cap features:

  • Grade 6061 aluminum construction
  • Special flow passage traps oil from reaching the vent port at extreme angles
  • Integrated rollover check valve blocks off vent port if tipped more than 90-degrees off-camber
  • Fits Gen II Vortex Reservoirs by Radial Dynamics as well as current generation PSC Motorsports steering reservoirs (with large black cap and internal filter)
  • Overhanging drip edge reduces water/mud buildup under cap
  • Vent port: 1/8" NPT
  • Includes swivel elbow and 1/4" push lock vent tubing
  • Cap is vented to atmosphere, can be pressurized to 10 PSI positive pressure using Remote Reservoir Breather Valve - 10 PSI