Reservoir Breather Valve - 10 PSI

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High flow steering pumps are prone to cavitation which results in both excessive pump whine/noise as well as reduced pump life. Adding positive pressure to a reservoir greatly reduces cavitation in high flow pumps, especially at higher engine speeds.

The Radial Dynamics 10 PSI Reservoir Breather Valve allows thermal expansion of steering fluid to compress air in the top of a steering reservoir up to 10 PSI maximum positive pressure, relieving excess pressure to help protect the steering pump shaft seal*.

This valve additionally features a free-flowing reverse check valve that allows ambient air to re-enter the reservoir when steering fluid cools and returns to its original fill height, preventing a potential vacuum condition in the reservoir upon next vehicle startup.  

Unlike other remote reservoir pressure valves which can generate an oil mist in the engine bay if oil overflows into the vent tubing, the Radial Dynamics breather valve uses push lock fittings in and out so that any potential oil discharge can be plumbed to a safe and controlled location.

This valve can be used with all Gen II Vortex Reservoirs by Radial Dynamics as well as PSC Motorsports steering reservoirs or any other vented reservoir with appropriate vent port/plumbing.

Note that this valve is DIRECTIONAL! The valve port marked "To Tank" (grey end) must be plumbed to reservoir cap outlet port. The valve port marked "To Vent" (blue end) must be plumbed to safe vent/discharge location.

*Internal reservoir pressures in excess of 15 PSI can lead to potential damage of a steering pump's rotary shaft seal. 

Valve features:

  • Relies on thermal expansion of steering fluid to build up to 10 PSI maximum positive reservoir pressure, 7-8 PSI continuous holding pressure
  • Anti-vacuum check valve allows atmospheric air to re-enter reservoir
  • 1/8" NPT ports in and out, includes straight 1/4" push lock adapter fittings and vent tubing
  • Cushioned P-clamp mounting clamp included
  • Grade 6061 aluminum construction
  • Compact size, measuring 1" OD x 1.5" long
  • Valve can be installed in any orientation